Third-Party Fundraisers

Host a Fundraiser

By hosting a fundraiser, you take the initiative to promote awareness for Macey Center and help fund our programs.


We ask that a Third Party Agreement be completed and submitted for acceptance before any work on your event/promotion begins. This allows us to be aware of your plans and to know how best we can assist you.


Organize your personal event

Third-party events are hosted by individuals, organizations or groups in support of Mercy Center. Mercy Center does not sponsor these events and cannot reimburse expenses incurred as part of a third-party fundraiser.


Submit the proper paper work

We will work to ensure that our supporters are aware of your event through our website and social media networks whenever appropriate and within context of our fundraising initiatives. 


Donate your proceeds

We will review each Third-party event individually regarding promotion if 100% of the proceeds do not benefit Mercy. We make diligent efforts to reduce any cost per dollar raised, and third-party events do help us. 

Interested in hosting a third-party fund raiser?

Mercy Center
1106 Main Street
Asbury Park, NJ 07712