“Last year in my old school, I didn’t do well, so I’m so happy I did well this time,” said 10-year-old Jessica Hernandez of Asbury Park (pictured above).

Jessica’s Iowa test scores from March jumped two grade levels from her entrance exam for Mercy Center’s Sisters Academy of New Jersey in August.

“I think that’s great for me. I feel amazing!” Jessica added.

In fact, the Iowa test scores show phenomenal improvement for our entire inaugural 4th grade class!

Reading – Scores increased by 38% bringing a total of 88% of 4thgraders at or above grade level.

Language Arts – Scores increased by 50% bringing a total of 75% of 4th graders at or above grade level.

Math – Scores saw a significant increase with 63% of 4th graders now at our above grade level compared with the approximate 30% at the start of the school year.

“I’ve learned to do my multiplication, fractions, division, decimals, and I’ve learned my states and capitals. And, I didn’t have social studies or science in my old school, so I learned that here, too,” said Jessica.

We know we still have more hard work to do, but considering where we started, these are some incredible accomplishments!

Sisters Academy is a tuition-free middle school for underserved girls, grades four through eight. We are proud that 100% of our students graduate from high school.

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