Host a Food Drive or Fundraiser

Host a Food drive

Fight hunger right in your own community by hosting a food drive.

Types of Food Drives

Fund Drive

Raise funds as part of a food drive, or at a separate event. We can accept cash, credit/debit cards and personal checks.

Traditional Food Drive

Organize a collection of non-perishable food items from our Most Needed Items list to help us keep our shelves stocked.

Virtual Food Drives

Organize a virtual food drive and donate money using our online tools, instead of buying groceries.

Host a Fundraiser

Fight hunger right in your own community by hosting a food drive.

How to get started

Food drives not only provide much-needed food for families in need, they are also a great way to raise awareness of hunger here at home.


Fill out a registration form

Please complete and submit the form on our website.

 Once done, we will contact you all the need information. 

We will work to ensure that our supporters are aware of your event through our website and social media networks whenever appropriate and within context of our food drive initiatives. 


Organize your Food Drive event

Recruit people to help plan and organize your event, as well as to get the word out and motivate your community

Decide on the dates for your drive and the location for collections. A drive can last for a specific day or 1-2 weeks.


Donate your proceeds

Once your Food drive is over bring your proceeds to the appropriate location. Please use sturdy boxes, bags, or bins. Ensure they are not too large to lift easily and tape the base of each box securely before use. 

For cash donations, please collect the donor’s contact information so we can acknowledge their donation and send a thank you letter. 

Interested in hosting a Food Drive?

Mercy Center
1106 Main Street
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